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Our mission is to assist the dentist in meeting all federal, state and local regulation regarding the handling and disposal of amalgam. To provide the most advanced and cost-effective technology for the capture of amalgam and reduction of mercury entering the environment.

For the dentist, the mercury vapor and water issues that result from the amalgam used in fillings is far more serious than originally thought.  Research generated by Purves Environmental has found that amalgam generates large quantities of mercury in the atmosphere and water discharge that directly affect the environment.

The amalgam generates mercury vapor at room temperature that could render a room hazardous to human health.  Research by Purves Environmental has shown that removing the solid amalgam is not enough, proving that the mercury in the amalgam can also slowly dissolve in water  producing concentrations well in excess of acceptable discharge limits and a potentially hazardous level within the contaminated water. Purves Environmental has taken the initiative to research the market for available solutions to reduce this hazard.  All the data presented on this website is the result of that initiative.

Amalgams have been in use for decades. New materials are being used by the dental industry for fillings. However, even if the use of amalgams ends today, the removal and disposal of amalgam fillings will be an ongoing process for years to come. Improving dental collection, treatment and detection systems is the key to removing this source of mercury from our rivers and lakes.  Purves Enviromental is at the forefront of this effort.

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