Purves Environmental’s (PEI) laboratory can analyze almost any type of material or chemical for mercury content with detection limits down to the part per trillion level. The list of some types are as follows:

  • Biologicals – including fish tissue, hair and fluids.
  • Chemicals - such as acids, bases, bleaches, soaps and many more.
  • Solids –including machine parts, packed column media, carbon treatment, etc., for free mercury
  • Water and wastewater – drinking water, production fluids, NPDES discharges, influent and effluent to Wastewater Treatment Plants , etc.

Our wide range of equipment and expertise in analytical digestion and analysis sets us apart from the rest. When it comes to analysis of materials for mercury by combining both fixed laboratory and portable analytical systems, you will find that Purves Environmental, Inc. is not your typical environmental laboratory.